“Biggest BBM political motorcade” organizer sa CDO lumipat na kay Leni Robredo

pilipinas rocks kim andre from bbm event organizer to leni robredo

Isang BBM supporter si Kim Andre at “organizer of the biggest political motorcade” para kay BBM sa Cagayan de Oro sa Northern Mindanao.

Ngunit sa kanyang mahabang post noong March 3 gamit ang kanyang Facebook account, lumipat na siya kay Leni Robredo. Ano ang mga naging dahilan sa naging desisyon niyang ito?

Narito ang kopya ng kabuaang post ni Kim Andre:

How a BBM event organizer fell out of love for BBM… 💔💔💔

In these past few months, I have been aggressively campaigning for my chosen candidate BBM. My heart was ablazed and I was determined to make him win. CDO is my beloved city- because of my passion, I wanted my fellow Kagay-anons to feel what I felt. I have campaigned for BBM through the simplest way (posting in social media) up to the point of even becoming a local organizer of BBM’s campaign here in NorthMin. I was the organizer (with Dudui shempre the one who paraded BBM’s standee last week, Mary, Blue, Berns J, Tyke King, Eddann, @christian jay) of the biggest political motorcade our city has ever witnessed, and the longest vehicle caravan recorded in the history of mindanao. You cannot question my loyalty nor will I be faltering with my decisions.

I was fueled with passion. I was hoping and believing that if BBM wins, the Philippines will be great again. I am a Filipino voter. Just like you, like any other voter, we only want what’s best for our country.I was doing my campaign out of passion. I spent campaign money from my personal pocket.

I was not expecting anything in return but to see BBM win. As months and weeks passed by, I have noticed that the people surrounding me have different intentions for campaigning. Some are just passionate as I am and some are only just up for the hype.

It has been painful and heartbreaking for me to learn that a number of people heading this campaign here in NorthMin are not powered by passion and belief but has sided with the temptation of Greed. I’m referring to the people who only show support because they expect something in return; people who are willing to go the extra mile even through dirty campaigning (spread fake news) just to PROTECT THEIR BUSINESSES, SELF INTEREST AND POSSIBLE PUBLIC POSITION if BBM wins. I know someone who will go extra mile just to protect their businesses in manila; I know someone who used to be a consultant for the city who’s campaigning for BBM just to secure an ASEC or USEC position in either Deped or CHED, and many more.

The message of the campaign has always emphasized UNITY. Unity with passion, dreams and victory. But given all that I have witnessed, I’m not so sure if the definition of UNITY is still preserved. It seems like these people are unifying for the wrong reasons.This post is not to invalidate PRRD’s achievements for this country, even with blindfolded eyes we cannot deny that PRRD has been a great president for the Philippines.

I would like to confess to everyone that I am discouraged. I have been fighting a losing battle. A battle that should have been fought with unity and not self greed. With this discouragement. This discouragement has opened my heart to look into where the true passion is, where the meaning of true volunteerism exists and where there is true UNITY. I have opened my eyes now and allowed myself not to be blinded by the widespread of fake news and misinformation.

Kapag namulat ka na, kasalanan na ang pumikit.

This is an election and I will practice my right of suffrage. I want everyone to know that I will be leaving my old self and choose a new and bright path. After all, each one of us wants a better Philippines.

I am choosing Leni because I see that she is the only candidate with a comprehensive platform; she is the only candidate with enough extensive experience to lead our government; and lastly, Leni is the only candidate with outstanding qualifications.

I am changing my heart and rekindling the lost passion I once had for #UniTeam because I now believe na sa #GobyernongTapatAngatBuhayLahat.

Please do not make this post as your battleground my friends, I respect every candidate you chose. Let’s help one another for a better philippines.

Thank you and let us hope for a clean election this 2022.#LeniSara2022


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