Burning Duterte apologists

Burning Duterte apologists’ reasoning

You choose to be silent and let the cult followers bark against each other. But there are times where stupidity is too much.

You saw this known dentist from a well-known car company selling used motor oil to clean a dirty mouth. Everyone in the market is excited to try it. You could not believe what you just saw! Ridiculously disgusting, isn’t it?

Well, this could be the thoughts of Ina Amor-Mejia, a netizen who can’t take the excuses popping up in her newsfeed by the Duterte apologists related to the President’s tirade against US President Obama.

See how she burned those fallacious reasoning:

I need to work, but let me get this off my chest. I’m seeing some apologists on my newsfeed and your excuses are almost as ridiculous as the President’s behavior.

“Blame the media. Taken out of context. Irresponsible journalism.”

– For God’s sake we all saw the whole thing. It matters little what the question was or who wrote the story first (Update: It’s the top story EVERYWHERE). His answer was FINE until he said, “Who does he think he is.” and “Son of a bitch.” Why on Earth do we continue to blame the media for what the president willingly lets loose from his own mouth? Oh no wait. Let’s blame his mouth because he has no control over it. Let’s blame anyone but him.

“Finally we have a president who stands up for the Filipino people.”

– Really? In this case the only thing he’s actually doing is to embarrass us. Best president in the solar system, thank you.

“The Americans need to apologize for the Bud Dajo massacre of 1906, then we can talk human rights.”

– What a load of BS. How about we let the Marcos family apologize for the Martial Law killings of OUR OWN PEOPLE before we bury the dictator in Libingan too?

“Serves Obama right. We should stop sucking up to the Americans.”

– Repeat that to yourself when another mega-typhoon hits us or when we need our allies to back us up on South China Sea. Let’s not forget the 3.4 million strong Filipino-American population in the United States who will have to deal with the repercussions of this. Your pride is misplaced.

“We should all fight for our country and be nationalistic. Masyado naman kayong bilib sa America. Bilib naman kayo sa atin.”

– We have to resort to calling people sons of bitches to be nationalistic? Tell that to your kids.

Finally, we are lucky Donald Trump isn’t US President. Instead, we have one of the most beloved, diplomatic and respectable world leaders in the modern era as US President right now. Obama issues no retort, he just cancels the meeting. Class vs. Crass. You forget that this is a man who was bullied throughout his childhood and grew up to become US President. Who the hell is he?

Oh and don’t start about you’re “being decent” hypocrisy. It’s simple DIPLOMACY and we failed it miserably today.

No excuses.

answer to Duterte apologists

What are your thoughts on this?

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4 Responses

  1. Sally says:

    Well done. . I am not agree with the hypocrisy of this man Duterte.. If he wants to blame anyone. . just blame his self only. . he open his mouth and he must to think before he blow out any bad words towards Obama. . be professional and be careful on what u said.. The damaged is done and even you apologize. . there is no way you can change it. .

  2. Ford says:

    Well said! Exactly my sentiments!

  3. Raul F. Salvador says:

    His personality fits an unhealthy childhood it seems that up to now he is like Don Quixote fighting the windmills. His method of war against drugs is a diuble edge sword that might kill a nation.

  4. Karlo says:

    If the US and the UN is demanding Turkey to pay for reparations on the Armenian genocide in 1915, the Philippines should also ask for reparation from the US for the massacres and genocide that happen in the Phi-Am war 1900-1903, and the Moro Rebellion such as Bud Dajo 1906 and 1913.

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