duterte puro sablay sa isang linggo lang

Duterte and his men, puro sablay sa loob ng isang linggo lang! – netizen

Isinapubliko ng isang netizen ang kanyang napuna na mga kapalpakan ng administrasyong Duterte at mga kaalyado nito na nagawa sa loob lamang ng isang linggo.

Inilista ni Mr. Dinggol Velasco gamit ang kanyang social media ang mga umano’y lantaran at sunod-sunod na kapalpakan ng kampo ng Pangulong Duterte sa loob lamang ng pitong araw.

It’s All One Crisis After Another.
(Lahat Hari ng Sablay)

  • House defunds CHR with a P1000 Budget for 2018.
  • Aguirre is caught texting traitorous schemes instead of upholding justice.
  • Duterte blurts “I have an unlicensed gun here l can use on Trillanes, di naman kelangan lisensya para pumatay ng tao”.
  • Gordon and Sotto releases Senate Committee Report authorizing Duterte to replace Barangay Captains “who are in the President’s list (the list is disowned even by PDEA and NBI).
  • Sotto dismisses the Ethics charges against him, and finds the charges against Trillanes “sufficient in form”.
  • Duterte proclaims he has “the goods” on Trillanes by exposing 12 alleged offshore accounts of Trillanes, said 12 offshore accounts were exposed by Mocha Uson and Erwin Tulfo, who have both deleted their posts. Trillanes has since signed 12 individual Bank Waivers and gave them to the Ombudsman and to AMLC.
  • Polong Duterte is pointed to as a Chinese Triad member and dared to sign a Bank Waiver and show his dragon Triad tattoo. Yesterday in Davao, he said he is willing to show his tattoo to Karen Davila if they were alone in a hotel room.
  • And in the killings of three underage teenagers by Police, Duterte, Abella, Bato, Alvarez, Aguirre, Sotto and Pakyu are all shouting “THE DRUG WAR IS BEING SABOTAGED”!

My friends, ladies and gentlemen, the above are just the crises that Duterte and his men have created for us IN JUST THIS WEEK.

We have not one piece of GOOD NEWS in months, yet we are besieged by these abhorrent self inflicted crisis after crisis they spawn, and unload on us.

As a citizen l yearn for a week where l can rest back, relax, be proud of my government and then l see the Ka DDS and some of the 16 million rejoicing and justifying the crises! The House Committee on Justice is even meeting to decide the Impeachment Case against Chief Justice Sereno!

(Baka me na nakalimutan ako, idagdag nyo na lang).

– Dinggol Competente Velasco

duterte puro sablay sa isang linggo lang 2

Sang-ayon ba kayo dito?

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  1. linda says:

    Tama talaga ang nakalista sa itaas. Wala talaga tayong naririnig kahit isang magandang balita maliban sa pagmumura ni Duterte at pag alipusta nya kay Trillanes. Puro negative lahat ang maririnig mo araw araw impeachment dito, impeachment doon, at ang mga tuta ni Duterte ay naging kapunapuna sa mga gawaing walang maibigay na pakinabang sa bansa natin. NAKAKATAKOT ISIPIN KUNG ANO ANG KAHINATNAN SA PILIPINAS BAGO PA MAN MATAPOS ANG TERMINO NI DUTERTE.

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