Look at what these Americans say on Pres. Duterte and his anti-West policy

“For as long as we stay with America, we will never have peace in that land [Mindanao]. We might as well give it up,” said President Duterte in his effort to “reorient” the Philippines’ foreign policy with the United States.

“So, those [American] special forces, they have to go. They have to go. In Mindanao, there are so many American [troops] there. They have to go. We will reorient our foreign policy,” added by the President in a speech in Malaca├▒ang on Monday.

Days before this, he expressed his tirade against US President Obama and the Americans before leaving for the ASEAN Summit.

Here’s what some Americans say on the issue:

“Let it happen and financial aid should be stopped in this country. Sick of this ignorant President who’s killing he’s own people.” – Michael Raymond Gall

“I want the U.S. to leave completely. Let the Philippines deal with China on their own. We owe them NOTHING.” – Freddie J. Miller

“Great! The USA should totally leave! No more Aid or Assistance to the Philippines. Their President is Disrespectful to USA!
Good Bye Already!” – Emery Lucas

“Isn’t this the dude that called our President profane names the other day? F him. He always looks like he’s waking up from a 7 day bender” – Tony Ishum

“China promised Philipines lumps of money and business deals, well, let them see how Chinese owned businesses/factories will destroy their environment since China itself is so polluted.” – Annie Tsai

“For whatever reason, if he wants the US troops to leave….then we should leave.” – Sarah Staples Scott

“Let them handle their own dilemma! They just want to be left alone so leave them alone for crying out loud. Let’s see how far can their ‘high pride’ go!” – Claude Smith

“What about the generous funding he is enjoying. Let’s cut that also!” – Rhonda Chambers

“…and along with our troops, we should take all aid and protection we give to the Philippines.” – Patricia Watson

“Does he want our financial aid to leave as well?” – Tony Ishum

“I agree lets leave and cut off all money to them we don’t owe them anything. Spain is their mother country let them deal with it.” – Christopher John

” He’s on a one man mission to destroy the foreign diplomacy lol” – Desmond Lee

” In 2015 the US gave the Phillipines $79 million in military aid alone to help them against China’s aggression. Remove our troops and cut off their aid. Enough is enough from this guy.” – Kim Pham

“We should leave and take our $$$ with us!!!”- Dianne Wetterow

“Fine, don’t come crying to us if they attack. People don’t want the US involved even after some asked for help, then we should no longer help. See how well they can do on their own, might actually help us save some money.” – Joseph Zimmerman


What are your thoughts on this?

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2 Responses

  1. jerdoe says:

    you can only clean your backyard….after you clean the inside of your house…

  2. You see the reaction of Americans in regards to President Duterte’s plea to leave our internal affairs be our own problem, and stop acting like big brother because you know very well that deep inside you are screwing up all the Filipinos. Always, you have no other thing to say that without America Philippines would not exist. Have you forgotten who brought this misery among our people? You drag us into your war against Japan, and after the war what did you do? Did you help build this Nation that you wrecked for the sake of America? You helped Germany after wwII, you rebuilt Japan, what did you do to Philippines? You declare it as an independent state and inherit the wreck of war. Then yu flooded us with the surpluses of your war and charged it to our country as an aid, right. If castro surviv it and North Korea survived it Philippines will survive. There were lots of concientious government who is always willing to help without any malice of their own interest. America would not do that? Nothing is for free, but America want us to give them freedom to assert their agenda even to expense of our freedom. How many underground movement did America supported in the Philippines During the Marcos Era? You forcibly removed Mr. Marcos and put your puppet in control that resulted to the present day mess. So stop pretending to be righteous..If you want to subjugate us then do it in front of us . Do not hide behind the curtain of “kindness” that you want us to believe..


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