Dick Gordon mahirap pagkatiwalaan

Mag-ingat at mahirap daw pagkatiwalaan si Sen. Gordon. Alamin kung bakit…

Ang post ay galing kay Rolly Eclevia, writer ng iba’t-ibang news agencies kabilang na ang Manila Times. Ayon na rin sa Facebook account ni Eclevia, siya ay dating writer/editor sa U.S. Naval Base, Subic Bay, nagpapakita ng kanyang malalim na kaalaman kay Senator Dick Gordon. Si Gordon ay matagal na nanungkulan sa Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

Dick Gordon will throw the Filipino people under the bus if it suits his purpose.

He campaigned for Binay, then for Poe in the last elections. He shifted to Duterte when it became clear he’d clinch the presidency. He has since been Duterte’s attack dog in the Senate.

Duterte should be careful. He is a merciless, cold-blooded killer, but he is no match to Gordon’s wiles. Once his popularity ratings drop, Gordon will be the first to call for his ouster.

He was a Marcos favorite, but he sucked up to Cory Aquino after People Power. He persuaded her, successfully, to appoint him to be the first SBMA chair and administrator.

To Gordon, power is everything and all the financial rewards that go with it. He will do everything to hold on to it.

It took a Supreme Court decision and the full might of the PNP to remove him from SBMA, kicking and screaming, when Erap, after winning the presidency, decided to replace him.

He is an ingrate. He blasted the Aquino family, Cory and Noynoy in particular, in subsequent elections, branding their patriarch as a Japanese collaborator and a traitor. No consideration of propriety has ever intruded in his sleep.

He subjected GMA to blistering attacks when she was running for vice president but got her to appoint him DOT secretary, through FVR’s intercession, when she ascended to power following Erap’s ouster. He abandoned her and called for her prosecution for corruption when she became unpopular.

That was not the first time he screwed up a Macapagal. In 1972, ex-President Diosdado Macapagal was elected president of the Constitutional Convention. The oldest delegate, he took his oath of office before Gordon, the youngest. Great PR stunt! Gordon, relatively unknown then, basked in the glory, but when Marcos declared martial law and co-opted the convention he abandoned all pretensions of independence, as did practically all other delegates, and left Macapagal in the lurch. The result was the 1973 Marcos Constitution.

roly ecelveria on dick gordon

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6 Responses

  1. Zen says:

    Well, his dogged loyalty to Duterte is so obvious in the last hearing of the Blue Ribbon Committee. One day his luck will run out and he and Duterte would go down in Philippine History so badly infamously, they’d wish they were dead unless their shameless selves prevailed.

  2. Eddie Penamora says:

    I wanted to know if he taken money from the government or been sued for graft and corruption…if its just he went here and there i think thats normal…

  3. linda says:

    Considering his attitude at present I can say that the article is right about Gordon..

  4. I was his admirer and supporter. We’re not for Erap getting nearer to Pnoy leading the 2010 presidential election I would have voted him. It is now clear that he will take everything even from the devil that will put him in greater stature. An arrogant and hypocrite public servant that should not be given any chance to be elected in public office.

  5. Casiano Mayor says:

    Noong una pa man, na-sense ko agad na oportunista si Gorden kaya hindi ko binoto yan kailan pa man.

  6. Zenaida M. Medina says:

    I believe Gordon is greedy for money and power.

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