Nanghihingalong ama tinanggihan ng sistema. “To the system, F*!#K YOU”

pilipinas-rocks-tinanggihan ng sistema

Narito ang galit ni Zyrene Boco patungkol sa VIP treatment na sistema sa Pilipinas.

Ayon kay Zyrene, iniwan na lamang sa kalsada ang kanyang ama habang nag-aagaw buhay ito dahil walang tumanggap na hospital para dito.

Natatakot daw kasi ang mga hospitals na kanilang tinawagan baka raw infected ng kinatatakutang SARS CoV 2 ang kanyang ama. Tanging primary level care lamang ang naibigay sa kanyang ama habang nasa kalsada.

Marami raw ang nagbigay sa kanila ng assurance na pwedeng dalhin sa intensive care unit (ICU) ang kanyang ama ngunit ng malaman ang sitwasyon nito ay tinanggihan rin sila.

Kung mabilis lang sana ang COVID-19 testing result ay baka nabigyan rin ng attention ang kanyang ama. Kung naipasok lang daw sana sa ICU ay baka nakabawi pa ito at buhay na kapiling pa nila ngayon.

Hindi katanggap-tanggap sa kanilang pamilya na may mga VIPs na nakukuha agad ang result ng COVID-19 testing in just 24 hours. Ang kanyang ama ay nakunan ng COVID-19 testing ng patay na ito at baka abutin pa raw ng ilang araw bago nila malaman ang resulta.

I never thought that I’d have to see my own dad die right before my eyes. I hated that I couldn’t do anything about it because he didn’t die, he was killed by the system that prioritizes only the rich and powerful.

On the morning after his birthday, he complained of having difficulty breathing. I woke up to my mom screaming for help because he was having a heart attack. It broke my heart to help heave his body out of the house, scared that he would be fighting for his life. He told us: “Malakas ako. Kaya ko ‘to.”

He was then rushed to the nearest hospital but it could not provide the care he needed. All day and night we were calling hospitals because he needed intensive care but NO ONE WANTED TO ACCEPT HIM. They feared he suffered the infection of the virus but he did not show any symptoms prior to the day he was admitted. Many hospitals gave us false hope by saying an icu was available and upon learning about the situation, would turn my dad down.

They left my dad there to die. He died in a tent by the street with primary level care and we couldn’t do anything about it. He was cremated a few hours later with no one by his side. He didn’t even get a proper funeral. It’s so unfair because he didn’t deserve it.

He was a good man and he was helping so many people. He’s the type of guy who takes care of everyone around him. He passes quarantine IDs from house to house, he would give rice to the guards that overtime in our subdivision, he would give groceries to our relatives no matter how far, he made a house for my lola in the province and not just that, I probably don’t know all the good things he’s done because he’s never showy about it.

AND HE COULD BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW IF HE JUST GOT THE CARE HE NEEDED. What kind of healthcare system turns away those who need care? He was fighting for his life and he didn’t even get the chance to properly do so.

It really hurts me to say this but he died struggling. I was looking him in the eye and it really really broke my heart because I knew he wanted to live. He wasn’t ready to leave all of us here.

To the system, FUCK YOU. You all have blood on your hands. You VIPs don’t deserve your treatment. Kayo may results after one day? My dad got tested when he was dead and we probably won’t know until a week later. I hope one day you feel how me and thousands of other Filipinos are feeling right now.

To my dad, I’m so so sorry we couldn’t transfer you to a better hospital. I know I was telling you that you’ll feel better soon and I know I failed you on that. I’m sorry you won’t see us all graduate. Sorry we can’t go to the Japan together this Christmas.

The system failed you when you needed it most. Yet, I thank you so much for being the best role model that I have in my life. You left us with the best memories. I can’t believe I won’t be seeing you sit by the tv, eat food at the head of the table, walk the dog in the afternoon or garden the plants. I won’t ever hear you tell me to “go study” or ”go home because it’s too late”.

We won’t ever be able to drive to subic or manila for lunch as a family. Sorry dad, you were robbed of seeing us grow. We can’t even give you a proper funeral yet because of the timing.

You should be alive right now. You should be playing basketball with Janelle, you should be singing on the karaoke with us, but you can’t anymore.

I’d do anything to turn back time and hear you laugh, smile, or just hear your voice one more time. Tell us to squeeze in for a picture one more time. It’s hard to imagine a life without you, dad but for you, I’ll be strong. I love you dad and I hope that wherever you are right now, you’ll be watching over us because we will make you proud.

Edit: please share when you can. It’ll appease my family that people know what he went through atleast :((


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