Jim Paredes on Duterte

Paredes hits Duterte another factual blow. This time on “Colombia ex-Pres an idiot” issue.

The APO Hiking Society musical band member strikes anew against President Duterte.

Using his Twitter account, Jim Paredes twitted yet another controversial blow against the reaction of President Rodrigo Duterte to the Colombian former leader.

Many criticize Pres. Duterte on Peter Lim’s issue. Lim was confirmed by no other than the chief of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Director General Isidro Lapeña, as the Cebu’s businessman and drug lord who also visited Duterte. But instead of apprehending Lim, Duterte only advised Lim to go to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to clear his name. Lim is still free, not in jail nor being killed, despite Duterte’s public speeches of “I will kill you” against drug lords.

Former president of Colombia, Cesar Gaviria, wrote an article in New York Times reminding Philippine President Duterte not to repeat Gaviria’s mistakes in the then Colombia’s war on drugs.

He reminded Pres. Duterte that using arms and might against petty criminals ang drug addicts will not solve the problem, on the contrary it will create more problems.

President Duterte’s reaction is expected to be arrogant and tactless. He called the former Colombian president as “idiot”.

So what do you think of Paredes’ tweet?

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8 Responses

  1. Ganny Sabino Jr. says:


  2. Cynthia Estrada says:

    Don’t forget Horacio Hernandez Herrera was captured in the Phil. in Sept 2015 (Noynoy admin time)

  3. lindy says:

    Duterte thinks himself as the KING AND SO FULL OF HIMSELF HE CAN’T ACCEPT CRITICISM.

  4. Se7en says:

    You know tje saying it takes one to know ome?

  5. xyx says:

    Paredes is an “idot.” He does not read the complete reply of Duterte to the Colombian president.

  6. GENY CASTRO says:

    What is there to say…what Jim said is a matter of fact ..I will only comment if there is something to argue!

  7. goody says:

    You noticed how all of the greatest minds in modern history were labelled by Pres. Duterte as idiots and son of a bitches? EU lawyers , US president, UN Chief and even his Holy Father , the Pope were not spared. To Mr.Duterte they are all stupid good for nothing idiots. Well maybe because they are just outstanding graduates of the finest universities in Europe and the United States. The Philippine president is a graduate of the finest university in the world located in the finest city on earth! That’s why he’s a genius by himself and everyone else in the planet are nothing but stupid morons!

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