The more President Duterte opens his mouth the more problem it creates

The more PDu30 opens his mouth, the more problem it creates. Solution?

Even without putting this into writing and with non-biased critical thinking in mind, it is agreeable that President Duterte’s speeches and statements in public often create issues and problems.

He might have the heart to get rid of drug problem in this country, but he has also problem in handling criticisms and plain suggestions which often results to unnecessary actions. His badmouthing of almost anything that goes against his policies and style of governance is beyond terrible.

Some Filipinos often asked him to “Please respect your position” as they could not fathom how arrogant his words most of the times.

Those who are in neutral in Philippine political landscape and who widely accepted his presidency also reminded him to be cautious and choose his words wisely as he is now representing more than 100 million Filipinos, but it seems that it is to no avail as of this time.

Everything is still fresh in our mind. His rape joke involving the Australian missionary, his cursing of the Pope, his harsh words against the Supreme Court Justice, his public shaming but so-far-failed attempt to pin down a Senator, his tirades against some of the leaders of Philippines’ Roman Catholic Church, his tirades against the United Nations, and lately his rant against the President of the United States.

When will the badmouthing stops?

These leaders he hits were not interfering to the Philippines’ affairs. There are dead bodies caused by vigilantes and extrajudicial killings and therefore as member of a global community anyone can air their concerns, suggestions, and opinions. No one is an island in this planet.

As a leader, Duterte should know how to handle words from other leaders. No one is badmouthing him from the ranks of those people he bashed, why react with such unprofessional manner?

Imagine President Duterte being tough on criminals, corrupt officials and big time syndicates but still diplomatic especially on leaders who have equal concern as he has to the citizens–that will make so much positive difference!

He promised to act as presidential, but we could hardly see the change. What do you think is the solution? How can we help him?

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4 Responses

  1. Juanito Esguerra says:

    He needs a shrink. This man is crazy and emotionally deranged.

  2. kenneth m contreras says:

    Too much arrogance, a shame to the Filipinos,

  3. nee bah says:

    He has to go and resign..he is not worth it..we are very disappointed for what he did to our president Obama here in America..we don’t know how to react ..after all ! He is insane and crazy..

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