PHL Senator Bato Dela Rosa na-lecture-an ng mamamayan patungkol sa loyalty ng isang senador

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Narito ang banggit ni Senator Bato Dela Rosa patungkol sa pagiging bias niya para sa Pangulong Duterte bilang isang senador.

“I will live and die with President Duterte. I will sink and swim with him. Hindi ako plastic na magsabing wala akong bias. Totoong tao ako na magsabi na may bias ako towards the president.”

Image from ABS-CBN News

Hindi naman ito nagustuhan ng mga netizens dahil alam nila na ang isang senador ay dapat independent-minded at hindi tuta o sunod-sunuran ng isang politiko.

Narito ang ilang lecture ng mga mamamayan patungkol sa loyalty ng isang inihalal na senador.

Jason A. Carmona “Is loyalty to Duterte reason enough to resign?”

A big YES, Mr. Senator. Kindly check your Oath of Office, it says in there that your allegiance must be to the Constitution, to the People, and to the Country. Duterte is a person. Your loyalty to him alone is tantamount to betrayal of the mandate which was entrusted to you. Please resign if all you want is to serve duterte.


You have affixed your signature, and you even raised your right hand to swear in your Oath of Office. Sumumpa po kayo, with your other hand in the Holy Bible.

Gener Domasian Doniña You’re missing the point, Bato. (1) Your loyalty must be to the Filipino people, not to Duterte. (2) You must be independent from the executive (3) you must be impartial. Senador ka ba talaga o pam-bodyguard ka nga lang ni Duterte?

Merci Ocomin Villafuerte Live and die for the President, not to live and die for your country? For your countrymen ? Resign therefore from your office and apply as a bodyguard of the President.

SP BBoop yes, we voted you to serve the country not to serve one person alone. You will not have our vote next time, try and you will see the result. We are all disappointed of you…yes to Bato resign now.

Joy Valle Yes. Your mandate is to serve the Filipino people and not act like a lapdog. So yes, you must resign.

Che Amoranto-Palara The truth hurts, right Mr. Senator?!?! You will be most effective as your president’s bodyguard than to be a senator of this nation. Just sayin’…. ✌

Jay Pujanes You’re not getting the point Senator Bato. As Senator, you have the duty and obligation to ensure that you are free from the President’s influence in order to maintain the independence of the Senate. A Senator’s loyalty should be to the country and not the President.

Jan Edric Cubid Take note Senator dela Rosa. Your salary comes from us taxpayers. It is your duty to uphold your loyalty to the state than to the President. You can’t blame DJ chacha because she is a taxpayer herself. If you don’t want people to bash you, then grow some balls and stand up for the country’s welfare even if it means disobeying the President. You were elected to be a lawmaker, not an executioner so you better act accordingly.

Vic Orencia di mo gets? being a senator, you should be independent-minded – separate from the executive branch. you can only serve one master at a time. you choose to be a senator, so act like one.😾😾😾

Teng Aguilar The issue is your independence being part of the legislative branch of government. Your statements do not communicate that.

Gramz Lyjan Of course not, Bato. But then I wish that government officials with notable stupidity affecting this country should just respect our country by voluntarily tendering their resignation. I would respect that person greatly.

Aquilino Soriano Mr. Bato Please List Bill’s you already filed in the Senate not always Posting your CANINE LOYALTY to a person, but not showing PRIDE of your LOYALTY TO THE NATION AND ITS PEOPLE.

Maline Flores Of course! You are supposed to serve the country whose citizens pay for your salary, not a person you idolize.

Ano ang masasabi mo dito?


Ano masasabi mo dito?