Sen Pacquiao: “Ang taong pabago-bago ng statement di dapat pinagtitiwalaan”, netizens ask “Like the President?”

Edgar Matobato, the self-confessed ‘tirador’ and one of the witnesses in the Senate’s hearing on extrajudicial killings in the country, was once again grilled by the Senators.

Matobato claimed that Davao Death Squad is real and that the then mayor of Davao City and now the Philippine President is behind the vigilante group.

Pro-Duterte senators, such as Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, raised questions that show apparent conflicting details on Matobato’s affidavit and sworn statements. The goal is to show to the public that Matobato is a false witness and thus should not be trusted.

The People’s Champ, now a Senator and one of the members of the committee, asked Matobato a question pertaining to “trusting somebody”.

“Ano pang mga dahilan para ikaw ay magtiwala sa isang tao at pagkatiwalaan, paniwalaan mo sya?” asked by Pacquiao to Matobato.

“Magandang pagtrato sa akin, sir,” responded by Matobato.

“Kung ang isang tao ba pabago-bago ang salita o nagbabago ang kanyang salita, papaniwalaan pa ba natin?” added question by Pacquiao.

“Hindi sir. Hindi sir,” answered by Matobato.

“So for the record hindi natin dapat paniwalaan yung isang tao na pabagobago ang message nya o yung salita nya, tama?” asked again by Pacquiao.

“Yes sir,” confirmed by Matobato.

Pacquiao then pointed out that Filipinos should not believe Matobato’s statements since the latter is not credible due to his inconsistent statements.

To this some netizens were reminded of the President’s flip-flopping statements during the election campaign period and even when he is now serving the country as its top leader.

Here are opinions from some netizens:

“I watched the senate hearing on EJK and one question of Sen Manny the people champs pacquiao was this “Edgar, sa palagay mo ba dapat pagkatiwalaan ang isang tao na pabago bago ang sinasabi?”. If I wer Edgar, my ans will be this “hindi po, Kaya Nga ako nagtataka Kung bakit lubos tiwala nyo kay mahal na presidente duterte eh. Your honor, can you also grant me immunity the way congress granted those convicts? Cayetano will interject ofcourse “mr chairman, sinungaling ang tao yan, halatang tinuruan. Yung sagot nyang yan ay masasabi lamAng Ng dilawan or pusher and criminal lovers. I move to declare this proceeding as a farce. He should not be allowed to further tainted the image of our incorruptible and mortally upright president”…lol” – Alexander Constantino.

“He always forget what he says. He never claim any accountability even if there are videos that show how damaging he is to himself n the country. He is sick. Unfortunately, his followers are so fanatic and have no brains at all.” – Lit Echaque Dee.

What is thought on this?

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4 Responses

  1. aida says:

    I think he’s talking rubbish all the time . .

  2. Clar says:

    Depende,,,, ang statements ni Motabato should be consistent because he is accusing no less than the President of the land. He is destroying the image of the President and the image of the country. So, this should be investigated properly and Motabato’s statements should be consistent kasi may nagrabyado. Kailangang masuri kung nagsisinungaling sya o hindi. Ang pagbabago ng statement ay hindi masama kung wala kang sinisirang tao o imahe. Halimbawa,, sinabi ko sa kaibigan ko na uuwi ako ng maaga sa bahay mamaya pero nagbago isip ko pagdating sa gabi, manunuod na lang ako ng sine sa gabi. Gets nyo…

    • JuanCarlos says:

      yung Presidente mo nga pabago-bago ng mensahe naka-televise pa yun nationwide/worldwide, mapagkakatiwalaan ba?…. gets mo?

      at wag mong sabihin na “He is destroying the image of the President and the image of the country”…. mismong sarili nya ang sinisira nya hindi ang bansa….. wag mo kaming idamay….. gets mo??

  3. Consistency is when the theme remains… people’s recollection ability is always tainted by human’s imperfection, especially when during severe cross-examination of many people rephrasing the same theme in different words… people of authority, lawyers, college taught disciplined in cross-examination, senators, congressmen, bosses, etc… against one who does not have these backgrounds… etc.,

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