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“I was wrong for voting the President… not the Philippines I imagined.”

A certain Leo Migraso made in public his turnaround from supporting President Duterte after less than two years of seeing the spate of innocents being killed by either policemen or vigilantes in the Philippines now. He posted his statment with the photos of the murder of Kian De los Santos.

“I was wrong. And i am not ashamed to admit that. 2015 and May 2016 was a long time ago, and i was wrong for voting the President. Maybe i was too snowflake or my Davaoeno self is kicking that time that i was so active campaigning for the guy. Masama ang drugs, masama din ang pumatay. This is not the Philippines i imagined.

Maybe yung mga nakasagutan ko sa comments before will be smiling and saying “told you so” ok lang. But this is not about me or us anymore. This is about the less priviledge people na napapatay ng walang kalaban kalaban. Mga natatake advantage ng mga nasa batas. Tayong mga bomoto sa kanya, this is on us. Saying sorry is not enough.”

leo migraso kian de los santos

It is not easy to make public statements showing dissatisfaction against the President nowadays especially on social media as horde of trolls or fanatics will swarm opposing posts either attacking the writer personally or engaging in a nonsense debate where most of the resources are fake news. Leo is now experiencing the same fate. Some of the commenters, probably his friends in Facebook, spew the same gutter-language attacking “dissenters” in general.

Meanwhile, many were delighted to see Leo’s public statement. Some even confessed that the words made them cry as finally more and more pro-Dutertes are now realizing that the killings are no longer just about a political maneuver but a disease that itself needs to be cured.

Also, many of his friends congratulated him for the brave step. Others are encouraging him to continue in sharing public awareness.

support for leo

Others even confessed the same dismay from voting President Duterte.

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